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Banner-TopNoMoDo1We understand, sometimes you do not have the “Up Front” money to start a new website, what with all the other demands of starting or running a business in today’s economy.  

This is why many business owners either put off creating the most critical advertising tool for their business and never get the benefits of an online presence. That or they opt for a “Free” website builder which will never suit their true needs nor will they ever be indexed as well as a WordPress based website.

Simply Pick the Package you think will work best for you and click subscribe. You can pay with PayPal or your Credit/Debit card.

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“Why have I never seen a Buy Here Pay Here website plan before?” You ask….development_img

Most competitors generally avoid a pay monthly website design plan because they would be taking a big risk and investment in a business that they frankly do not own.  Believe it or not, there is a great deal of time and effort that goes into the creation of a new, or rebuilding of a pre-existing website. Add that to the years of experience that it takes to get all the parts (Software and graphics and user experience) to work together in a mobile ready responsive online appliance that will serve the client for years to come, and the web developer knows that they have a valuable commodity to offer.  

“So why would you offer a Buy Here Pay Here No Money Down Option?”  You ask…

Compromise and “skin in the game” is our answer…  We have decided to make this option available as a compromise and to help the thousands of potential clients out there with “the most important part of any marketing plan for any business today – a website“.  We also want you to understand that you have a vested interest in the development of your website.  

When you have to make that monthly payment, you are going to want to see that you get us the information that we need to make your website successful. We have found that many clients (not all, but many) will pay an upfront deposit, say build my site, and then never give it another thought.  These are the toughest clients to deal with, to be honest… Why?  Well, because we must have information to work with and a client willing to help us get that information.  No one should know more about your business, than you do… Yet many business owners simply leave it up to the web developer to tell the world what it is their business does, what they want to offer, how they want it presented – whatever that may be.   Please understand that we can create and craft and edit content, but without the business owners input, we can never determine if that content is correct without the involvement and cooperation of the actual client. 

That is why, despite the obvious risk for our company (spending multiple hours designing and developing a fully functional website with no deposit), we decided to offer affordable monthly payment plans so small business owners can start enjoying a solid presence online and grow their business without spending a large amount of money upfront.  We want to work with you to make your website grow and prosper with your business. The better your website performs for you, the more you will like it, and our services….  Just as you must attend to the daily operations of your business, you must also keep in mind that your website is a reflection of that work and care and attentiveness…  Let us work together to real all of our goals.

What is included in our monthly package?

A high quality, professionally designed WordPress website that we will maintain and update to the latest framework and plugins versions. 

WebsiteHow are Monthly Web Design Packages different?

Monthly Packages are designed to provide you all of the services you need for your website at a flat and predictable monthly rate (hosting is included). You will not be subject or surprised with upfront costs or set up fees nor will you be paying for redesigns. Check our regular web design packages and pricing.

Once you have selected your Monthly Web Design Package, we will work with you through the creative process: design, layout, content and we will deliver a professional looking website that will fit your needs and your business needs. The initial set costs are spread-out over a 18 month period of the package with no unexpected increase to worry about. Your monthly payment will remain the same throughout the 18 month plan. At the end of 18 month plan, you will have the option to continue month-to-month (maintenance, security updates..), or renew for another 18 month at which time you will receive a FREE brand new updated design for your website.
Why would I want a Monthly Website Design Package? One of the biggest concern expressed by our clients is the unpredictable and ongoing need to redesign/update their website. This can involve major changes every couple of years and become quite costly. Unanticipated situations can involve conflicts with browsers (new or old) or new programs which can cause major problems with a website. With the Monthly Package, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected problem that could suddenly happen after a big update/browser new settings and could generate a huge bill.

What happens if I want to cancel early? The Monthly package does involve considerable work on our part to set-up and maintain the website. Remember, over half of the monthly fee is applied towards covering upfront costs with the remaining amount going towards the set-up and maintenance of the website. Should you need to cancel before the end of the monthly agreement period (18 months), the buyout will depend of the number of payments you already made. If you change your mind and wish to cancel without buyout then we will simply shut your website down at no extra fee.

Simply Pick the Package you think will work best for you and click subscribe. You can pay with PayPal or your Credit/Debit card.

Credit Card Subscription Options

Package Options

Website Concierge Our Website concierge will come to you (in the Tampa Bay Area) to learn about your needs and your business focus. You will work closely with your Website Concierge on all manner of information that your Website Developer will then place on your Internet Business Card (Your Website)
Content Management System

Wordpress The Number One Content Management system in the World


Not Included But Available

Website Software Included All plugins currently owned/available in the Gasparilla Media repository (please ask us for specifics)
Website Software Not Included Any Premium Plugins not already owned by us. We can secure almost any feature your website needs however, at additional cost
Minimum Term 18 months - At end of term all content and site files become property of client. We will be happy to remain as your webmaster for the foreseeable future.
Wordpress Hosting & Security $100 per Month - Includes Site Build & Minor Updates Per Month
Wordpress Plus 4 $180 per Month - Includes Package Above and 4 extra hours of development per month to be used at clients discretion
Wordpress Plus Content $200 per Month - Includes Wordpress website plus content creation on that site of up to 5 hours per month. Regular content creation is a key factor in SEO and Page Rank
Wordpress Plus Facebook Feed $125 per Month - Includes a special Facebook Fan Page feed that populates your website with content the search engines will index. Simply use Facebook as you already do (in most cases) and your site will have updated sontent daily - Awesome for SEO!
Wordpress Plus Social Media Manager $200 per Month - Includes Wordpress website and the creation and or management of a Facebook Fan Page account with regular updates. PHP Fan Page to Website Included
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