Lacey Glass

Website Concierge / Co-Owner Gasparilla Media

What is a Website Concierge

As the Gasparilla Media’s Website Concierge I work directly with each business owner to determine the company’s needs in a website, then I communicate those needs to our developers to ensure that the best site for each company is built.  It is my job is to take the burden of developing a website off of the business owner and on to us.

A business owner for almost a decade

Not only am I the Web Concierge, I am also a co-owner of Gasparilla Media. Prior to coming onboard with Gasparilla Media, I started a medical sterilization company in the Tampa Bay area.  Within four years of founding the company we were the market leader. After seven years I sold it, with the website as one of its main assets. I saw firsthand the difference a well-built, mobile responsive, intuitive website can make.  It eased my work-load, increased my account base and put systems in place that could not have been done manually.  I can look at your company and see how we can make this your reality as well.

I learn your business

The best thing about my job is meeting with business owners and learning about all of the businesses that we work with – from restaurants and natural gas specialists to medical practices, industrial companies and more. I get to meet with each business owner and learn what challenges they have, both in their industry and in their company.  This will help me offer you solutions and help you develop your site and social media presence so that it becomes a company asset.

Gasparilla Media knows technology

Most business owners specialize in their own fields, not technology.  At Gasparilla Media we know technology.  We keep up to date on the latest plugins for ecommerce, social media, learning management systems and more. After our first meeting, I will present you with a proposal to show you how having Gasparilla Media develop your website and manage your social media will make your business better and your life easier.

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