Our Current Logo and Previous Logo 

Basics – We do WordPress Web Design which results in Organic Search results. We also do Facebook Social media, concentrating also upon organic rather than paid results. Our name is connected to a 115 year of Pirate Festival which occurs in Tampa, Florida each year and is the third largest parade in North America each year. We do a lot of work with the people connected to this event.  We do not want to alienate those outside the area who may not be familiar with Gasparilla however. 

  • I have been advised that our original logo below (right) is too masculine. 
  • I think the logo on the left (Current logo) does not reflect professionalism as it was created quickly etc.

The samples below have a vintage look to provide a feeling of longstanding service to our community of clients as we have been building WordPress websites for over 10 years and have been connected with the Gasparilla Pirate Festival since the Early 1970’s. 

Ideas for a New Logo – We want to go into a vintage look to reflect the tradition of Tampa’s Gasparilla Festival and our log standing relationship with the community. – Please choose which example you like the best?  

We are simply looking for a starting point, please comment below about which design below you think would best fit?  


Most Votes So Far – with our edits